Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TWOGK : Keima's Frightening Talent

Well at the few new chapters of TWOGK manga show how much he change.
SPOILERS AHEAD!!(For the Anime fans)

Back then in Capturing only Weiss (Runaway Spirit/Loose Souls) he wasn't half serious want his doing and only care himself(His life), however each capture brought him a bit closer to reality and to care others. When Kanon (who have a goddess) got stabbed by Fiore (A member of Vintage), there Keima decide to goes serious with all his might that also proclaim he going turn into a Demon. Now at the latest chapter He show no hesitation to do his calculation right and no emotion to find the other goddesses and raise there affection(he even out smart Fiore). just so he can protect them and prevent from what happen to Kanon. like the concluding sentence said "It's doesn't mean he has no heart. He's just a God..."  


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