Thursday, April 14, 2011

Naruto Manga 535: Instant Sage Mode

Okay, so someone beat me to the BLEACH review already, so in my frustration I'll do Naruto Manga.


After several weeks of Naruto being stuck in a hole training his Kyubi powers, we'll be see him in action again. Naruto shows some impressive improvements including overpowering and escaping several senior Ninjas but the most impressive thing was when switched to SAGE MODE instantaneously without any Kagebunshin or even without concentrating for just a second. He just, like, blinked and POOF! he was in SAGE MODE. And who knows how far he's gone in mastering his dad's time-space jutsu, the only technique that has a chance in beating Madara's own time-space jutsu. I don't think anyone can stop Naruto at this point especially now that he has his Kyubi powers all set.

What do you guys think?


  1. Well he did not Master yet the "Tail Bomb" that really important at battling Sasuke but He also yet to Master his New Eye's So the Chance looks like 50-50 Win or Lose in there battle or they both die like Naruto said.


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