Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Fantasy become Reality

Mousou Kikou - Adolescence Avatar
is a story Yazaki Yuuri, a transter student, wants to be a popular High school kid. He secretly a otaku, whose writing a light novel but strange thing happening in his school. A upperclass woman, Sakurabi Yukimi, the one who knows what is happen, explain that Yazaki has the power to unintentionally make his fantasy to reality.

Of course its like Chaos Head or Haruhi Suzumiya but its pure Comedy without a trace of drama. When I read it, I laugh so so very HARD!!!(I can't even breathed)

Its a New Manga that I am sure it will going to be popular.

For the ones want to read it plz go to:

may otakuism be with you!!!

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