Sunday, March 14, 2010

The All Might Geass

Hot!!, Soo HOt!!!! Its!!! BURN!!!! Code Geass Become the one of the top anime of 2009 and there character is non other than Lelouch( who we don't know if he really dead or not) who play both hero & villan role perfectly. The story so great its only left to do is make a movie of it, but still there others waiting for a season 3 to it, some already a fanfiction of the season 3 but all different but there's one story line i really like, its about 18 years have pass since the death of lelouch, C.C. come back to Ashford with the immortal lelouch but this time they only going to have a normal school life. All the person that lelouch knew have kids already, the exact same face or position, but there some very different.

to continue the story look at:

well that for now.

All hail otakuism!!!!!!

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