Monday, March 15, 2010

Innocent and Classic game

lunar harmony of silver star Pictures, Images and Photos
Lunar is a classic game that have been remake 3 times already(though its for diffirent console). Lunar Harmory of the Silver Star is the same story to the older version but its add the four heroes scenario, where Dyne, Mel, Lemia, and Ghaleon(younger version) try to save Althena from Eiphlia, who summon the Black star to become the god of lunar. The graphics sure surpass the older version but the battle system is pretty much the same(only add the super attack gauge where you can find in the gameboy advance version of lunar). But they make lunar so fun for new gamers and lunar fans, I hope they can make a lunar 2 on psp(because i am fan of lucia).

For those wanna what's look like watch this

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