Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Overwhelming Fate

Saber Lily (Fate/unlimited codes)

The Fate Series getting out of hand, turning it into a must to get product. "Fate/stay night" was first a novel then become a pc game, then turn into a great anime that the world become addicted to its plot. Still wasn't enough to satisfy, Capcom release a game on psp, "Fate/Unlimited Codes",where players play there favorite character in Fate/Stay Night battling each other and have there original story, if they win the holy grail war. but still wasn't enough they release a novel, prequal of Fate/Stay Night, "Fate/Zero".

Fate/Zero is the story of the 4th holy Grail War,tells what exactly happen that time, tells the story of each seven master, servant and the feelings.

I thought its was over but there still more, they make only a movie

Fate/Stay night Unlimited Blade Works is the second senario of fate/stay night, reveal the true identity for Servant Archer, and his whole battle.

The Lastest installment of Fate Series is "Fate/Extra", Altered universe of fate/stay night, were most of the servant and master are different except lancer, saber, Archer, Matou shinji & Touhsaka Rin:-). Fate/Extra is a psp game just release this march, that have a persona theme like game.

well that all for now.... I expect more Fate Series in the near future.

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