Monday, March 22, 2010

The Last Samurai?

Gitama is a story during the time of edo(in japan) invade by Aliens called themself Amanto, Of course they fight against samurai(well we know whose going to win). After the battle, the Amanto decide to banned anyone to carry a sword in public. Now at that time a eccentric person entitle himself as the last samurai(Of course only in spirit but not image) Gintoki Sakata,who helps a teenager named Shinpachi Shimura save his sister Tae from a group of aliens who want to make her part of a brothel. as Gin and Shinpachi become a team in a odd job. The two of them rescue a teenage alien girl named Kagura from a group of Yakuza who wanted to use her superhuman strength to kill people. Kagura joins Shinpachi and Gintoki to work as freelancers and the three become known as "Odd Jobs Gin".
When i watch this i got really confuse and just laugh out loud at the first episode. but got weirder and funny for each episode to come by and i though this kind of show won't be long but i was wrong, it become a main stream!
well that al for now, later!

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