Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The World God Only Knows Season 2 Review and It's Coming Soon OVA

The Season 2 of TWGOK animation and story plot that are more improve than the manga. Well I'll try to make a short summaries of this and each heroine for this Season.

The Fifth Heroine(in the continuaton of TWOGK) Kusunoki Kasuga is A Strong Heroine and like anything cute but Denied it because of her responsibility as a Martial Artist however when Keima Conquered  her, soon realize that she can be stronger by accepting both her Feminine side and Martial Art.

Well her Story seem a bit tsundere or just plain and simple cute, Anyway she on the average level than the manga portion.

Specking of Average, The 6Th Heroine Chihiro Kosaka is a Average girl with a average life and always criticize Keima however she eventually get to like him in the middle of the Conquest (where Keima help Chihiro getting a guy). After her Conquest she eventually create a Band where her life is no longer a sad average life.

Well the Anime certainly make her story plot dramatic that she seem the most saddest heroine I saw in TWOGK because of this she is one of the most popular TWOGK heroine.

Next Heroine... or one of the main character Haqua du Lot Herminium or Haqua for short, She is old friend of Elsie also part of the Runaway Spirit Squad and a Chief District. She was an honor student back then in hell but after join the hunting Squad, she keep failing from capturing spirit and eventually controlled by one, however Elsie help to break her from being controlled with Keima's advice and succeed to capture a spirit.

Well her characteristic in the Anime are surely amazing that I feel her superiority persona when she first show up but soon enough she become Tsundere when Keima easily blackmail her or overpower her in many ways.

Next the last(for this season)/7Th Heroine Jun Nagase, She a Teacher Student that just recently become the Runaway Spirit host. At first she try to help Keima to turn him a good student but later her past reveal that some people can't take her Ideals that make her give up on certain point, but Keima help her to realize that never to give up what she believe and become a better teacher in the future.

Well she the first Adult Heroine that Keima Capture in the TWOGK series that give another perspective for older women. Some of her action is childish yet show a bit seduction on certain point of view (like this pic).

Well At The last Episode they show another galge character "Yokkyun" that Keima become so interested with it, the Title of the game "One Leaf". It's drawing is really childish in everyway but the story plot seem a bit like Clannad or Kanon(at least the theme song sounded great than the last season crappy song). Its Company"B's wares" Ask Keima about an advice to create another galge  but in the end, he reply and ask to make it a good game.

At the ending Credits show potential heroine by its coming OVA this September(sorry about taking it with the Credits).

Tsukiyo Kujyō The girl who like's the moon

Minami Ikoma, An Indecisive Middle Schooler 

Rieko Hinaga , a close neighbor of Keima's grandparent

Sumire Uemoto, the sweet ramen girl

Tenri Ayukawa, A childhood friend of Keima and the Key character of the deeper plots of TWOGK

Well I do not know how many OVA they will make but one thing is sure that this is just the ending of the anime but the story in the manga continue on. If they don't announce a third season or a movie of it lol^^.


  1. Watching this anime made realize that the ways to get girls in the game are also applicable in real life. Kidding aside, I really liked the anime adaptation of Kami Nomi. I especially like how they did it in Chihiro's arc. I guess it's only a matter of time before they announce season 3, since the OVA will be about Haqua and her buddy.

  2. GODLIKE! well he is god

  3. wata hells your logic?!! to get girls pffft divine one's my god


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