Friday, June 17, 2011

"The Best Anime & It's Characters This 2011 According to Foreigners"


Its more like "Foreigners Best Anime Choice Award" goes to what Anime they think is best.Well I'm also a foreigner so my choice are simply the over-popular Anime like Fate Stay as such. Anyway here the Chart of "the Best Anime Tournament" or just a simple voting which anime they pick to win.

Well it surprise me that most of the new anime are easily defeat and the older anime are tougher than I imagine  in the end, the one who won the Best Anime Title is "Evangelion!!" Reason why it won? Well only thing I think of is Evangelion 2.0 become more popular and sale high and it the most trivial anime in history.

If the Foreigners think which the best anime, They also think about the Character too. So lets go to the next Tournament entitle "The Fight of Character" or AnimeClash. Only the winner will get the title of Best Character of 2011.

Well It seem Eva won twice a row and Rei Ayanami popularity pawned them all. This mean most foreigner's are Eva Fans or like Eva the most. Well I like Eva too not because its over-popular but its got a Excellent Story plot. 


  1. ah... eva won... that's a total surprise to me ==


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