Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MADHOUSE 4Th TV Series turn into Anime "BLADE"

Well this is the 4th Tv Series or another Marvels Heroes turn into anime by MADHOUSE. The Anime of it seem close to Hellsing (Same Vampire theme i guess) anyway i think the story setting is in Japan (like Ironman and Wolverine anime) because their a Japanese Character that involve in it. Well I hope the Story plot or the music is good.


Japanese young woman brave Vampire Hunter flourishing vigor.
Knuckle-duster hands attached to the weapon. Martial arts fight to leverage general, the light carriage.
The blade was cut down in front of his father had been a vampire by the frost, keep watch for the sorrow and anger with no where to braid.
However, Blade and eventually form a united front now, goes to build a relationship of trust with each other to call each other and the accomplice.


Vampire Hunter fight to protect humans from the threat of a vampire.
His real name is Eric Brooks.
And half-vampire and human influence on the eve of the birth mother is bitten by a vampire.
Bathed in sunlight so you do not mind the detrimental Vampire "Day Walker" is also called, is resilient and high combat capability far beyond ordinary people, sucking urge that can only suppress specific serum be attacked.
Sword fighting weapon mainly silver, all well equipped with stakes or other shuriken. Enduring belief that one has a human
His mother is bitten vampire organization "Egujisutensu" leaded by Deacon Frost , the "Egujisutensu" control the 
Asian countries and devastated who ever try to beat them.


"Four men Fang", "" Egujisutensu "founder" is called Vampire.
Possession for the whole world, you need to become a vampire blood the strongest blade to overcome its biggest weakness is sunlight.
Originally it was a whole new life into the vampire's victim was the son of an excellent scholar in the person chose to become a vampire in their own hands.
If the purpose by fair means or foul, cruel and ruthless nature


Vampire Hunter from England.
All knowledge of vampire hunter family for generations too, the technique of equipment has.
Serum was administered to suppress the urge to braid met a young vampire Blade, later on become as a full-fledged hunter.
And the dog named Razor, while lending strength to subdue the vampire and Blade support as a friend.

Here a short trailer of Blade


  1. Why Madhouse why. The last good thing I remember them putting out was Trigun.

    I guess this confirms it thought; Japanese people like American television and film as much as Americans like Japanese animation.


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