Monday, June 13, 2011

Black Rock Shooter Fever!!

The BRS(Black Rock Shooter) is getting a bit out of hand. Before the Anime, it was a Vocaloid song that Huke(the artist of BRS) draw for it MV however it got popular then they decide to make a story of it.

The latest new about BRS that its having it own RPG game in PSP that is totally different from the Anime. The story is about an Alien Invasion that driven humanity to its extinction and BRS appear to stop the invaders.

Somehow its remind me of The 3rd Birthday(Parasite Eve 3) with Megaman action

Gray - She the Proto-type of BRS/ Allied

WRS(White Rock Shooter) - Unknow if she an Allied or An Enemy, when the Invaders appear.

The Only thing that I'm worried about if the story is not good and the not translated in English (I expect that to happen.) but the game play is awesome I can't wait to it come out, The Release is on Aug 25, 2011.

Here some Video:

Ok next is two manga that related or connected to BRS, The First is Black Rock Shooter ~ Innocence Soul~  is another whole new story of BRS, Next is an 4 koma comic about BRS Chibi taking care by Death Master.

Black Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~

Black Rock Chan

Well that all for now that all about the new of BRS for more Info Check this Site.


  1. That was awesome...! xD


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