Friday, June 8, 2012

The Accelerated World

What if you can think faster than everybody else?
What if a single second is hours for your mind?
What if you have the advantage to analyze things in detail as they happen?

Welcome to the Accelerated world of Accel World.
In a world where computers are implanted to humans, Haruyuki Akita was just a normal kid. He was actually a  loser and an errand boy to some bullies. But that all changed when an attractive upperclassman, Kuroyukihime saw his potential for gaming and introduced him to a program called Brain Burst.  This program accelerates brain waves in the real world giving you a sort of power over your perception of time. But this program comes with consequences.
Now Haruyuki must fight other Burst Linkers to protect his new found power, for his friends and for the girl he loves.

Accel World Time Conversion

1 second = 1000 sec
               = 16 mins  40 Sec

1 minute  = 16 hours 40 minutes

1 hour      = 999.6 hours
                = 1 month 11 days 15hours 36 minutes

1 day       = 2 years 8 months 20days 4hours 24 minutes

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