Saturday, June 9, 2012

Area no Kishi: Another sports anime?


Just Another Sports Anime?
Yes, it's a sports anime.. without the exaggerated screaming and impossible dreams. More than about becoming the best there is. The theme is more on friendship and brotherly love (not incest mind you).
The story revolves around Aizawa Kakeru, the less popular brother of a genius football player, Aizawa Suguru.  Always living in the shadows of his brother who was not only admired in Japan but in the international level as well. That was before an unexpected accident that damaged Kakeru's heart, and left Suguru brain dead. Their parents chose to transplant Suguru's heart in hopes to save atleast one of their sons.
After the Kakeru recovered from the transplant, people around him started noticing an aura and skill that they all know is unmistakably Suguru's.  Now Kakeru intends to follow in his brother's footsteps by playing football with hope that his brother is still alive inside him. But he's not the only one who thinks that. His brother's old rivals noticed it too when he was playing. And they're not going to pass up a chance to play with Suguru, even if it's just in spirit.


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