Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nisekoi: Anime Wish List

Gangsters, Yakuzas, a fake love, and a childhood promise.
What would these higschool students do when are forced to pretend to be lovers when they hate each other from the start.
It's a love-hate romance comedy that kinda reminds me of Gokusen and Toradora!


  1. i kind of have the same wish but Nisekoi still has a long way to go to get an adaptation with only 17chapters(i think).

    1. Yeah, it's too early for an anime guess. And who knows if this manga can keep up it's pace. I hope it doesn't go harem the way the story is heading.

  2. i hope to see an anime version of this >,< I'm really looking forward on it!

  3. for me, chitoge is the best girl for raku, or shall i say raku is too lucky to have chitoge sa her "pretending girlfriend"....

  4. why is the update is so slow?


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