Monday, December 13, 2010

Oreimo 11: more tear-jerkers

My little sister can't be this cute: Episode 11
My heart is as pure as the sky!!
Truly, this anime has been one of the best ones I've followed this season and as it comes to a close we have the second to the last episode with tons of laughs and tear jerking moments.

nahh! There's no way she'd say that.
This anime has been a roller coaster ride about a little sister who loves anime and eroge, her older brother who always looks out for her, and the hilarious situations he gets into by doing so. 

Don't hold back... Nii-san. (yay!)
What's fun about this episode is that it sums up the entire series and finally gives closure to the ordeals Kyouske (the big brother) has gone through. It's always nice to know that all your efforts have been appreciated and that you've made interesting friends on the way. Personally, I'm not into that whole little sister fetish. I'm don't even have a little sister. But I admit  that like our protagonist here, I do have a bit of a glasses  fetish. Hehehe... That is in real-life of course. For anime characters I'm still in it for the red-head. (e.g. Ranma, Yokko Littner) I'm really excited to see what happens in the final episode. The preview says it's a good ending, but that depends entirely on the viewers. I'm just glad it won't be a nice-boat ending. (**shivers)


  1. This episode made me cry, it was completely uncalled for.

    This series feels somewhat like K-On! in the fact that both had a first season of 12 episodes I don't know if I should wish for this series to have another season (like K-On), or have it close while still being awesome and not repititive.

    kyouske's character is amazing, getting teared up over such a "small" appreciation in comparison with what he did. And it reveals that all this time he was afraid of getting appreciated. he was afraid that it would make him desire for it, require it as a reward for doing huge favors to his sister. And yet, he can't help it. Despite his thoughts, his feelings reveal what he truly feels about it.*sniff*
    *end of spoiler*

  2. - something I forgot to write:
    "This series feels somewhat like K-On! in the fact that both had a first season of 12 episodes" ... and both were better than expected (otherwise they would have probably gotten more episodes)

    BTW, what is a "nice-boat ending".


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