Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ore no Imouto! ~Good Ending~

Episode 12 of Oreimo was shocking when Kirino showing a lot of good girl personality that Kyosuke i can't believe it. Anyway Kirino ask him to buy an eroge for her last life counseling at midnight.

I burst out of laugher at the part were Akagi and Kyosuke meet at Akiba were the midnight sale of eroge and they become allies for the same reason, to buy an eroge for their little sister except Akagi's sister seem more into Homoge that greatly misunderstood by Kyosuke.

Their Hearts are Pure as the Blue Sky

A game that me and Kyosuke will never buy

After an nice laugh at the comedy scene, Kirino seem more open to Kyosuke than before that she ready to show her album(Sadly even at the ending it did not show any picture except Kirino's loli picture)

 Do want to look at it? .....Onii-san..

Kyosuke mind is infected by Eroge choices

Still the episode won't end if there no drama or Kyosuke getting hit by his little sister(If it were Ayase he will die for sure).

 Nice Slap Shot

Of course it almost made me cry were the eroge voice out Kirino's thoughts(i'm not sure about) that Kyosuke felt lonely knowing her sister will be going to American, but in the end Kirino decide to stay have more time with her brother using the life counselling as an excuse that Kyosuke seem happy to do it this time.

Good End - Kyosuke become a Siscon

Yeah this episode(the Last episode) said an good end that making a nice ending, but that means their will be another episode ending like bad end(Ayase route) or True End and Harem End that applies to Eroge pretty much the question left is will they make it or not and When will be out? Hmmm........ Anyhow this ending might be the best ending to me ^_^.


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