Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Rock Shooter The Game Preview

Well the story is About the year 2032 .Earth has been invaded and Human Race Faces Extinction, so Earth final hope are the BRS. Its seem like the same old story like God Eater and Its getting boring, However the game play seem interesting with all nice graphics and Rock Music.
The game have two Version, The standard (the normal Game) and The Special ( a game that have "Black Rock Shooter Artworks" and a limited edition soundtrack). It will be out by next Summer, too bad the English version have yet to come or just never to be translated. Anyway there will better games than this by next year hehe.

Here the Trailer of it


  1. Can i request something....

    Can you plsszzzz... a screenshot of this game
    my Net Kinda sucK when Watching
    something on Net.

    Ty :)


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