Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oreimo no Imouto ~True Ending Route~ Ep 13 Review

("Evil Sadistic Laugh" Ho Ho Ho)

Well the True Ending Route seem to last to 4 episode before this series end. Anyway this Episode or even the next will make Kuroneko dominating to this route. Well since Kirino is out of the picture for awhile and Kuroneko and Saori(Whose seem "adding oil to the fire" to deepen the relationship of Kuroneko and Kyosuke) always visiting lonely Kyosuke.

"New Title Series: My Kohai can't be this CUTE!!"

 Well can't tell if she helping or not, but one thing is certain that she incredibly hot and cute without her glasses

and this episode reveal the little sister of Akagi, "Sena Akagi" who is a Homoge player like Kirino who like Imouto games(Eroge), she like Homoge so much that she intended to fantasize other(like imaging Manabe "the Vice President of Gamers Research club" getting gang rape by the club member)

"If you meet someone like this in reality, Here's a tip for MAN(literally) "JUST RUN AWAY!!!"

HNNGG!! I just can't wait for the next episode how Kuroneko and Kyosuke relationship turn out to be. Anyway its kinda sad when Kirino is not around that make Kyosuke action to help Kuroneko like replacing her, but still there's hope in her return might be an impact. 


  1. This Next Ending Is Much more better Than The Other one..


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