Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oreimo no Imouto ~True Ending Route~

Well The last episode of Oreimo show two choice on Kyosuke mind that is...

The Choice yours to pick

The True Ending Route retell the story on Episode 12 except they show a new Character.

 At last a really Eroge Player, and his name is Inoue Gou

Who happen to be the Owner of this bike before Kyosuke meet up with Akagi.

Well after that Akiharaba night event, Kyosuke decide not to look the Album of Kirino and She just Show her medals to him.

"Which number you like... Oni-Chan.." (Yeah right, like that would happen!!)

The Next Day, Kirino went to America without telling Kyosuke making him feel lonely....

"Why do leave Oni-chan all alone SOB SOB" (This is what i thought seeing this scene)

Somehow this True Ending seem more tear jerking than they fight emotional and its seem sad without Kirino in the story for a while. However there another interesting plot have enter the scene, the new freshmen "Kuroneko" or her real name "Ruri"

 "Please take care of me... Kyosuke-Sempai...." (WOW, another line I'm looking hear^^)

Anyway for showing The True Ending make more sense for the second season instead the Good Ending(Making Kyosuke complete Siscon)

Well for this ending topic, I suggest you watch and listen this Op and Ending Video^^


  1. You know what I kinda wish for? Season 2. Just being frank.


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