Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dot Hack Quantum ~First Impression~


Well this might be the first dot hack Series that i did not get boring at all. Most of the first episode of Dot Hack have long detail of explanation that only make it boring at the next episode, but this is something. The Theme of the Story about three girls that play an online game, "The World" and having fun in any event that seem similar of K-On but Online game not Light music.

The Avatar
 Spot who are the User of those three?

Well there are similar character in Dot Hack Quantum from the First series to the Dot Hack G.U. game but change gender or modify to different character. Well the Action Scene  seem very awesome that make you think can you really do that in a game.

 Tobias, The Mind of the group that very different to Balmung(Avatar of the First Dot Hack)

 Somehow she still cool

 Mary, the power house of the group that seem the Mature Ver. of Black Rose(Avatar of the First Dot Hack)

 Yup very Mature^^

Last the so called leader, Sakuya, the Female Ver. of Kite (Avatar of the First Dot Hack) seem cheerful yet more trouble making then helping the group. 

Like all Dot Hack Plot, it got to do with some AI, Virus, or Hacker that turn the player to comatose state and the secret will reveal at the next episode who are the new thread.  



  1. ...Got a good raw some days ago, but didn't watch yet (no subtitles ^^). Looks nice, indeed :)

  2. Yes Especially the Fighting Seen's
    it was kinda Cool... >^^< Teehee


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