Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Next Visual Reality Anime

Log Horizon is like a Dot Hack or S.A.O like story, but the different from this anime is that it didn't have a VR(Visual Reality) Gear or whatsoever, just a normal PC device. The thirty thousand Japanese gamers of Elder Tale (WOW or Perfect World like online game) have been waiting of their latest expansion pack "Novasphere Pioneers" and log in, just simply got transported to the game that have the same shape of Japan.
The players, well shock and panicking from experiencing their new reality which is the mystery how and why their inside the game? Unlike S.A.O where death is determine, Death in Elder Tale seem nothing since they still revive, the all four senses seem working well in the game except the sense of taste which any food they eat is tasteless (Talk about a force Diet plan). The Protagonist Shiroe, whose have a mage type avatar and a veteran player of Elder Tale that seem got a hang on the situation and meet with some party member to test the new expansion pack and find out the exit to the Real World. The First impression of this anime seem great on comedy and action, since it have a good opening that is like Dot hack game were you need to click your skill to able to use it, but later on at nearing the end of episode one, it went S.A.O Skill were you just need to move in order to use the skill. It seem the story will get better on the next episode where he establish his own guild maybe ^_^.


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