Friday, January 13, 2012

Denpa Kiyoshi Anime Wishlist

I'm starting out this new segment. It's an anime wishlist of movies, novels, manga and comics that I would love to see in anime version. Since we've already seen Blade, Iron Man, and even Winter Sonata getting the anime treatment, who knows what they'll animate next right? Denpa Kiyoshi Anime Wishlist
Kagami Junichirou was a once an awesome Physics student at the University. He was so good that one of his thesis got published in several science magazines and was so incredible it could win a Nobel prize. But after graduation, Junichi went off the radar and stayed at home to be a NEET immersing himself into otaku blogging and collecting anime figures. He claims to have an illness called "ADW (A)Able only to (D)Do (What he Wants to do. -Sounds like just a lack of motivation to me. His little sister who was desperate to straighten him out got him a job as a teacher in none other his old school. He got accepted easily because of previous achievements even though he didn't like it at first. But with his unconventional teaching and some pretty interesting students, he learns he might really like teaching after all. I'm very interested in these kinds of anime. Otaku main characters have been popular in the past since he'll be someone the viewer can easily relate to. Plus having an extremely brilliant otaku professor who hates teaching but has so much potential and gets into all kinds of interesting and funny situations that turns out to inspire the people around him have always worked for anime like Negima, and Kami Nomi "The World God only Knows", both I realized just happened to be of the harem genre. Right now it's only in manga version. But the way the story is going, it won't be long before an anime will be made. Can't wait to watch it if does.

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